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CCNA Exam Cram

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A quick revision notes for CCNA exam is available at The CCNA exam cram notes is useful for those who are in the final stage preparation. The exam notes covers recent topics as included in CCNA certification. The topics covered in the exam cram notes include TCP/IP vs. OSI model, IP v4 subnetting, binary and decimal systems, network IP… Read more »

CCNA Network Designer: Overview

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CCNA Network Simulator with designer Network designer is used to design any simple router Network. The network diagram can be exported and then used by the simulator module to configure according to the requirement. Routers i. 800 series routes 1. 805 2. 806 ii.1700 series routers 1.1710 2. 1720 iii. 1900 series routes 1.1905 2. 1921 3. 1941 iv. 2500… Read more »

About Juniper Network Simulator Navigation

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The Network Simulator software is a software tool that enables candidates to work on Juniper router and switches in a stand alone virtual lab environment. Several labs have been made available for practice in the lab manual. Both Command Line Interface (CLI) mode and Graphical User Interface (GUI) mode are available. Domains covered in the labs include Basic IP address… Read more »

CCNA Netsim Update

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Network Simulator for CCNA™ provides hands-on experience with guided labs covering the skills necessary to successfully complete your certification. Recently CCNA Network Simulator is updated with adding few more features 1. Backup and restore Lab configuration 2. Bookmarking individual Labs. 3. Bookmarking all labs under selected section. 4. Saving and reloading half completed labs 5. Resetting individual and all labs… Read more » Software .NET 4.5 Update

      Comments Off on Software .NET 4.5 Update, leading simulator software website, recently updated its software to .net 4.5 version from the existing .net 3.5. This will enable the software to be compliant with latest security updates available from Microsoft. The products that have been updated include Comptia A+, Network+, Security+, Cisco CCNA, Juniper JNCIA and others. The netsims products have also been updated to .net 4.5… Read more »

CCNA 200-301 CBT Online

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CCNA 200-301 certification is a very promising certification offered by the Cisco Company. This test the successful people’s knowledge and skills related to network fundamentals, network access, IP connectivity, IP services, security fundamentals, automation and programmability. Sometimes it’s not just about how much you study, but it really important to finding the best training that are available to study for… Read more »

Certexams – CCNA Exam Simulator with GUI Based Labs

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Cisco CCNA Associate-Level Cisco Career Certification, Achieving CCNA certification is the first step towards growing in the IT industry. To earn ccna certification the candidate should pass cisco ccna 200-301 that covers a broad range of fundamentals for IT careers, based on the latest networking technologies, software development skills, and job roles. The new ccna 200-301 test includes security, automation,… Read more »

Switch Network Simulator (Cisco IOS and Juniper Junos)

      Comments Off on Switch Network Simulator (Cisco IOS and Juniper Junos) has recently revised switch network simulator software, provides several lab exercises for a better experience and intended to give practical knowledge about switch command for those who are interested in learning practical switching. Along with practice labs, one will be able to configure/troubleshoot the switch network. It is also useful in any certification preparation such as Cisco CCNA or… Read more »

Certexams- ccna practice exam sim with network simulator

Current ccna 200-125 will be retiring on 23rd Feb 2020, the new ccna 200-301 exam will be replaced with ccna 200-125 and ccent/icnd1 & and icnd2 are merged with ccna. If you are working out for the current ccna 200-125 exam try to get it early because you have no time for the exam before 23 Feb 2020. If you are… Read more »

Cisco CCNA and Associate Certs Retiring Soon!!

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Several of Cisco associate level certifications are getting retired by 23rd Feb 2020. CCNA 200-125 version of the cert is being replaced by 200-301. The name CCNA is retained for the new exam. However, two-track approach via CCENT and ICND2 are being discontinued from 24th Feb 2020. So, what are the differences between old (200-125) and new (200-301) exams? The… Read more »