Comptia Server Plus Certification


CompTIA Server+ certification is a vendor-neutral credential that validates the skills and knowledge required to build, maintain, support, and troubleshoot server hardware and software technologies. It covers advanced server topics, including virtualization, storage, security, and disaster recovery.

CompTIA Server+ certification exam includes the following four domains and their corresponding weightage:

1.0 Server Hardware Installation and Management (18%)

  • Installing and configuring server hardware components
  • Implementing server storage solutions
  • Managing server cooling and power
  • Monitoring and maintaining server health

2.0 Server Administration (30%)

  • Installing and configuring server operating systems
  • Configuring server roles and features
  • Managing server performance
  • Implementing virtualization technologies
  • Managing server backup and restore

3.0 Security and Disaster Recovery (24%)

  • Implementing server security best practices
  • Implementing server hardening techniques
  • Implementing disaster recovery procedures
  • Implementing server backup and restore procedures
  • Troubleshooting security and disaster recovery issues

4.0 Troubleshooting (28%)

  • Troubleshooting hardware and software issues
  • Troubleshooting storage and network issues
  • Troubleshooting security and disaster recovery issues
  • Troubleshooting server administration issues

Overall, the CompTIA Server+ certification is designed for IT professionals who specialize in server-related technologies and covers a broad range of server-related topics, including hardware, administration, security, disaster recovery, and troubleshooting.

There are several preparation tools available for CompTIA Server+ certification, some of which are:

  1. Study Guides and Reference Books: There are various study guides and reference books available for the Server+ exam, including official CompTIA study guides and books by other publishers.
  2. Online Courses: You can enroll in online courses that offer training on Server+ certification exam topics. Many online courses offer video lectures, study materials, practice tests, and other helpful resources.
  3. Practice Exams: Practice exams are available online and offline that mimic the actual Server+ certification exam. Taking these practice exams helps you to assess your knowledge and identify areas where you need more practice.
  4. Exam Simulators: Exam simulators are software applications that simulate the Server+ certification exam environment. They provide an opportunity to practice in a real-time environment, which can help you to familiarize yourself with the exam and reduce exam anxiety.
  5. Labs: You can practice Server+ certification exam scenarios using virtual labs, which can help you to develop practical skills and hands-on experience.
  6. Study Groups: Joining a Server+ certification exam study group can help you to connect with other individuals preparing for the exam. It allows you to exchange knowledge, experiences, and ask questions related to the certification exam.
  7. Certification Forums: You can join online forums that discuss Server+ certification exam topics. These forums provide you an opportunity to ask questions, clarify doubts, and learn from the experiences of others. offers Server+ practice tests, which can be used for exam preparation. The exam simulator contains several features to help users prepare for the Server+ exam, including:

  1. Exam mode: The user can take a timed test that simulates the actual exam, with a similar number of questions and time limit.
  2. Practice mode: In this mode, the user can take a test with unlimited time and random questions from a pool of questions.
  3. Flashcards: The exam simulator includes flashcards to help users memorize important concepts and definitions.
  4. Performance analytics: The exam simulator provides detailed analytics of the user’s performance, including the time taken to answer each question, the number of correct and incorrect answers, and overall performance.
  5. Explanation and references: Each question in the practice test includes a detailed explanation of the correct answer, along with references to study materials.

Overall, the Server+ exam simulator from is a useful tool for users preparing for the Server+ certification exam.