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Juniper- Routing Policies and Firewall Filters

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In Juniper Networks’ routers and switches, routing policies and firewall filters are two important concepts used to control the flow of network traffic. Routing policies are used to determine how network traffic is forwarded or discarded by the router or switch. They are used to implement routing decisions based on a variety of factors, including source and destination IP addresses,… Read more »

A+ Labsim update

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¬† has recently updated CompTIA A+ Labsim to include few more labs to conform latest exam objectives of A+ certification and fixed a few bugs. The lab simulator consists of several ready made labs for practice and intended for candidates preparing for CompTIA A+ Certification exam. The labs cover broad topics like computer hardware, motherboards, Windows 10 operating system, computer… Read more »

Cisco IOS Layer 2 Security

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In Cisco IOS devices, Layer 2 security features refer to security measures that are applied at the data link layer (layer 2) of the OSI model. Some common Layer 2 security features include: Port security: This feature allows you to restrict the number of MAC addresses that can be learned on a specific switch port. Dynamic ARP inspection (DAI): This… Read more »