A+ Labsim update

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 Certexams.com has recently updated CompTIA A+ Labsim to include few more labs to conform latest exam objectives of A+ certification and fixed a few bugs. The lab simulator consists of several ready made labs for practice and intended for candidates preparing for CompTIA A+ Certification exam. The labs cover broad topics like computer hardware, motherboards, Windows 10 operating system, computer security among other things.

A+ Labsim Features:

  1. Lab exercises – currently 100+ labs are included.
  2. Lab manual with detailed steps for each lab exercise
  3. The demo version is limited to a fewer labs.
  4. Various types of labs including hot spot and drag n drop
  5. Detailed help files that provide step by step instructions on using the simulator have been provided.

View sample lab exercises here : LabSim for A+ Lab Exercises

Other Labsims available: CompTIA Network+ Labsim that conforms to the Network+ exam topics.

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