Juniper J-web update

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Juniper Jweb is a GUI based tool for simplifying Juniper router configurations. It is possible to configure juniper devices using Jweb GUI for some routine setup tasks. However, for complex configurations, you will need to use Juniper CLI. Juniper JUNOS supports Jweb for most devices. updated its Juniper Network simulator to include both Console and GUI based labs. Juniper GUI simulates Juniper Jweb(T), enabling users to configure and troubleshoot a network using self explanatory navigation pane

Screen-shot of the Juniper Network Simulator main navigation panel.

Screen-shot of the Juniper Network Simulator (GUI based) is given below:

Various navigation buttons of Juniper simulator GUI is explained below.

1. Configure: By clicking this option various options(features) of the devices are listed in the left navigation pane select any of these feature to configure the device.

2. Monitor: By clicking this option displays various features on the left pane you can select these option to view your configuration

3.Troubleshoot: This option will take you to CLI terminal mode also allows you to troubleshoot the lab by using ping , traceroute command.  

4. Maintain: Use this option save and load the configurations and also to opening a file that was created using Network Designer module.

5. N/w Diagram: A window where default network diagram of the lab exercise is displayed and the device configuration details.

To know more about the features of Juniper Network Simulator for Console and GUI, download the following.

Network Simulator w/ Designer for Juniper


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