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CCNA Exam Cram

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A quick revision notes for CCNA exam is available at The CCNA exam cram notes is useful for those who are in the final stage preparation. The exam notes covers recent topics as included in CCNA certification. The topics covered in the exam cram notes include TCP/IP vs. OSI model, IP v4 subnetting, binary and decimal systems, network IP… Read more »

Network+ Practice Tests With Labsim

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Network+ exam simulator consists of 500+ questions with Flash cards. Question types including multiple choice, true/false, fill-in-the-blanks, drag-n-drop, simulator. Important features of the Exam Simulator: Up to date practice questions from latest exam objectives N10-008 with detailed explanations. Verify for any product updates. Store and view results at a later date, or review answers. Integrated Test Environment that allows for… Read more »

Switch Network Simulator

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Switch Network Simulator provides an Effective lab environment by simulating a switch network consisting of Cisco® IOS and Juniper® JUNOS switches. Additionally, a lab manual provides hands-on experience configuration and troubleshooting of switch networks consisting of Cisco and Juniper switches. Switch Network Simulator software Provides several lab exercises for a better experience and intended to give Practical knowledge about switch… Read more » CCNA Exam Cram Notes

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The CCNA Cisco Certified Network Associate certification can be achieved by passing a single exam (200-301, 2020 exam objectives). The CCNA exam includes Network Fundamentals, Network Access, IP Connectivity, IP Services, Security Fundamentals, Automation, and Programmability. The topics covered in the CCNA exam cram include the following: I. Network Fundamentals 1. Explain role and function of network components 1.1 TCP… Read more »

CCNA Network Designer: Overview

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CCNA Network Simulator with designer Network designer is used to design any simple router Network. The network diagram can be exported and then used by the simulator module to configure according to the requirement. Routers i. 800 series routes 1. 805 2. 806 ii.1700 series routers 1.1710 2. 1720 iii. 1900 series routes 1.1905 2. 1921 3. 1941 iv. 2500… Read more »

About Juniper Network Simulator Navigation

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The Network Simulator software is a software tool that enables candidates to work on Juniper router and switches in a stand alone virtual lab environment. Several labs have been made available for practice in the lab manual. Both Command Line Interface (CLI) mode and Graphical User Interface (GUI) mode are available. Domains covered in the labs include Basic IP address… Read more »

A+ Exam Cram Notes

      Comments Off on A+ Exam Cram Notes is offering free exam notes on Comptia A+ Core 1 and A+ Core 2 exams. The exam notes covers recent topics as included in Comptia A+ certification. In exam notes, written by subject matter experts, you will find important points that you need to review before attending an exam. Other exam notes available include Security+ exam cram, and Server+ exam cram. Check this out… Read more »

CCNA 200-301 Practice Exam update

      Comments Off on CCNA 200-301 Practice Exam update CCNA ExamSim, the world’s most advanced CCNA Simulator, includes simlets, testlets, and simulation questions for thorough preparation. The scenario questions are difficult to answer, and prepare the candidate to take the actual exam and pass the first time! Please download Demo exam for sample questions. Recently updated with Wireless LAN controller simulator to configure WLC(Wireless LAN controller) CCNA practice exam… Read more »

Security+ Certification Exam Cram Notes

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ExamGuides revised their Security+ Exam study guide to reflect the most recent exam objectives. Topics covered include Threats, Attacks and Vulnerabilities Identity and Access Management Risk Management Cryptography and PKI To learn further about Security+ Exam cram please visit here: Security+ Exam Cram  

Learning And Assessment Software (LAAS) update

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The Learning And Assessment Software combines the author engine, content engine, assessment and learning engine in to one to create centralized question database and lessons which can be populated and edited by various authors. Assessment and learning engine can be used by candidates to login and take exams, or to import the lessons and learn. LAAS also includes collab engine… Read more »