Cisco CCNA and Associate Certs Retiring Soon!!

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Several of Cisco associate level certifications are getting retired by 23rd Feb 2020. CCNA 200-125 version of the cert is being replaced by 200-301. The name CCNA is retained for the new exam. However, two-track approach via CCENT and ICND2 are being discontinued from 24th Feb 2020.

So, what are the differences between old (200-125) and new (200-301) exams?

The main differences are that the TCP/IP networking fundamentals topics are going to be taken off the exam. Similarly, RIP v2, OSPF v3, and VTP are off the exam topics. The new topics covered include Cisco WLC (mostly GUI version), DNA (Cisco Digital Networking Architecture), and network security. Though Network Security was covered partly in the previous exam, it’s going to be covered exhaustively. Wireless Controllers (Cisco make) are also covered to a large extent.

The new exam requires more hands-on practice in the following areas:

  • Router/Switch iOS
  • Cisco WLC (GUI to a large extent)
  • Network Security (iOS firewalls and GUI)

As a result, the new objectives are significantly different and requires more practice that the previous exam.

It is recommended that those who are in the middle of exam preparation, complete the CCNA (200-125) by the deadline. If you have time and resources, you can go for new objectives (200-301).

Check out the resources available for the current version of the exam 200-125)

New practice tests will be made available by 24th Feb 2020 for CCNA 200-301.

Good luck!