Certexams Releases A+ Exam Sim with Labsim for A+ Cert Preparation


ShareCertexams.com released Comptia A+(R) exam simulator with labsim for candidates preparing for A+ certification exams. The exam sim and netsim combination provides a common platform for exam preparation with both objective type exam-like questions and lab exercises at the same time. As most of us know, Comptia, the pioneer in the area of vendor neutral computer hardware and OS exams,… Read more »

Virtual Private Networking – What and When to Use


ShareA VPN, Virtual Private Network extends a private LAN across a public Internet, and enables users to send and receive data across the Internet or public networks as if their computing devices were directly connected to the private LAN. Many times, we come across Virtual Private Networking, widely known as VPN. Some well known VPN providers are: Windscribe: (https://windscribe.com) Windscribe’s… Read more »

CertExams CCNA Practice Tests – Revised

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ShareCertexams.com, recently revised CCNA practice tests to include a few more questions and fixed a bug with the Adobe reader. Check out the updated version of CCNA Examsim

Major Update to CCNA Network Simulator Software


ShareCertExams.com is in the process of updating it’s CCNA Netsim (DSIM) software. The update consists of implementation of several commands, and a thorough update to the Netsim Designer. Several new commands are being implemented and the same are listed below: router#clear ip nat translations router(config)#ip access-list standard <name> router(config-std-nacl)#permit/deny any router(config-std-nacl)#permit/deny <srcadd> <srcmask> Router0# clock set Router0# show ipv6 interface… Read more »

Hello world!

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