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Cert-Ex CCNA Practice Exams Update

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Certexams.com revised CCNA practice exams and the update includes thorough revision of CCNA questions and answers given in the test DB. Some of the bugs with the test engine have been addressed in this revision. Why Use CCNA Practice Tests? Practice tests are a valuable tool for assessing your knowledge and readiness for the CCNA exam. They offer several benefits:… Read more »

CertExams Updates Cisco® CCNA™ 200-301 Exam Simulator

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Certexams.com updated the Cisco CCNA exam simulator that offers ccna 200-301 sample questions with flashcards according to the new objectives, which will help you find a detailed answer explanation. This ccna exsim designed and verified by the experts and is intended to help the candidates preparing for the cisco ccna exam to get pass in their first attempt. The Exam Simulator will have totally… Read more »

Certexams- ccna practice exam sim with network simulator

Current ccna 200-125 will be retiring on 23rd Feb 2020, the new ccna 200-301 exam will be replaced with ccna 200-125 and ccent/icnd1 & and icnd2 are merged with ccna. If you are working out for the current ccna 200-125 exam try to get it early because you have no time for the exam before 23 Feb 2020. If you are… Read more »