A+™ Exam Simulator with Labsim

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A+ Practice Tests With LabSim provides 350+ practice questions with flash cards along with Lab Simulator which provides 100+ lab exercises.

Practice Exam features include :

  1. Include 300+ highly relevant questions
  2. Flash cards
  3. Integrated Test Engine with online feedback
  4. Category wise scoring, and reporting
  5. The question types include Multiple Choice, True/False, Exhibit, drag-n-drop etc.
  6. Conforms to the latest exam objectives
  7. Instant online activation using program interface
  8. Bookmark questions
  9. Store and view results at a later date, or review answers.

Some of the screenshots of Exam simulator

Multiple choice multiple answer                           Flash card


Review Exam                                                               Grade screen

Lab Simulator Features:

  1. Include 100+ practice Lab exercises
  2. Lab manual with detailed steps for each lab exercise
  3. Detailed help files that provide step by step instructions on using the simulator have been provided.
  4. The demo version is limited to a fewer labs.

Several new features such as

  1. Ability to enable/disable navigation buttons
  2. Administrator login for lab profiles configuration
  3. Saving and reloading half completed labs
  4. Resetting individual and all labs to default
  5. Marking not attempted, not completed , completed labs in different color for easy identification.
  6. Bookmarking individual labs.
  7. Bookmarking all labs under selected section
  8. Take Backup/Restore of lab progress.

Some of the screenshots of Lab simulator


Lab Manual                                                                Drag n Drop Type1


Drag n Drop Type2                                                   Simulator

You can find Available labs here : A+ Lab simulator Exercises

You can download A+ Exam Simulator with Labsim