CertExams Revises Comptia A+ Lab Simulator

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Certexams.com, a leading network simulators and lab simulators provider, recently updated Comptia A+ lab sim to comply with the latest exam objectives. As you are probably aware, Comptia has released A+ Core 1 and A+ Core 2 exams in place of erstwhile A+ Essentials and A+ Practical Applications exams. There is more emphasis on the mobile devices and vitalization in the new objectives, in line with the recent technology trends.

The A+ labsim consists of dozens of labs for thorough hands on preparation. You may view the available a+ labs that include topics ranging from hardware connectors to adding/removing user permissions. A few screenshots of the labsim are given below:

Comptia A+ labsimThe figure show a lab, in which a candidate is required to drag appropriate choices to respective places on the fugure. The candidate needs to be familiar with various connector types, such as USB, SCSI, SATA, VGA, etc. Usually, all figures are available in high resolution for clear understanding of the concepts.


Compta aplus labThe screen shot showns various labs available in the lab sim. The topics include identifying various motherboard components and connectors, various types of memory cards, and add on cards, identifying network requirements and configuring simple home/small business networking,, identifying, configuring and troubleshooing mobile devices, and several chapter-end questions.

The demo software has all the features f the full version, but limited to a few number of labs. Full version may be activated online using the link below:


Other software available from certexams.com include Comptia A+ Core 1 exam, Comptia A+ Core 2 exam. The demo version may be activated online on purchase of full version automatically without manual processing. Please contact cs at certexams.com for any clarifications or feedback.

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