CertExams Updates Network+ LabSim with Additional Labs


Certexams.com recently revised it’s Network+ LabSim with additional labs and revised it’s lab manual to reflect most recent topics on the Network+ exam. The Network+ labs include the following:

1.1.1 Identifying the fiber connector types (such as ST , SC, FC etc)
1.1.2 Identifying speed ranges of 802.11 standards
1.1.3 Arrange the color codes used in the TIA/EIA 568A wiring standard
1.1.4 Identify the networking troubleshooting command from the following output
1.1.5 Identifying fiber cable standard with their maximum transmission distance
1.1.6 Identify the different copper connector types (such as RJ-45,BNC etc)
1.1.7 Identifying the features of protocols (such as SLIP,TLS etc.)
1.1.8 Identify the command used for querying inet_add from the following output
1.1.9 Identify the netstat command from the following output
1.1.10 Identify the ping command from the following output
1.1.11 Identify the NSlookup command queries used for DNS

A few other labs have been updated.

About Network+ Labsim: The LabSim (Short for Lab Simulator) offers hands-on practice with configuring and troubleshooting networking labs in a virtual environment.  The labsim covers several important topics including

  1. Identifying several networking components such as connectors, cables, and tools
  2. Configuring wired and wireless networking on Access Points (APs), WiFi routers, and workstations.
  3. Configuring DHCP, DNS, Nave Servers, etc. on Server computers and WiFi routers
  4. Identifying and troubleshooting cable and connector problems (connectivity problems)
  5. Configuring a router/switch for various parameters such as host name, ip address and subnet mask, default gateway, and verifying the same using CLI commands such as ipconfig, ping, trace route, etc.
  6. Network hardening using securing the ports, removing unnecessary services, etc.

The labs are more generic in nature so that any one intending to learn computer networking can benefit from the labs than just catering to the Network+ exam objectives. The labs are oriented more towards real-life learning scenario than just restricting to the exam syllabus and therefore useful for any one desirous of learning computer networking using servers, workstations, hubs, switches (Layer-2 and Layer-3), routers, and access points in both wired and wireless scenarios. Special emphasis has been put in teaching how to configure various networking components in both CLI (Command Line Interface) and GUI (Graphical User Interface). The networking labs are suitable to network technicians involved in configuring and maintaining networks for small to medium organizations.

About CertExams.com: Certexams.com, a leading exam simulators and network simulators provider, is a pioneer in development of network simulators that work in a virtual environment using routers of different makes, including Cisco and Juniper. Products include Netsim for CCNA, Juniper JNCIA, Switch Sim for Juniper and Cisco Switches, Labs sim for A+ and Network+, and others.

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