Certexams.com Releases Comptia Network+ Exam Sim with Labsim

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Certexams.com released Comptia Network+(R) exam simulator with virtual labs for candidates preparing for Network+ certification exams. The exam sim together with virtual labsim provides a common platform for certification exam preparation with exam-like questions and virtual labs at the same time. As most of us know, Comptia(R), a widely known certifications provider, in the area of vendor neutral IT certifications, is emphasizing candidates ability to solve practical problems combined with domain knowledge. Exam Sim with Labsim  attends to these twin objectives, with question DB along with dozens of lab exercises for thorough preparation. The important features of the exam sim cum labsim are given below.

A+ Exam Sim Features:

The exam simulator comes with most up to date features like bookmarking, timer, wrong answers review, question feedback, and detailed stats. The display features include font adjustment, night mode, etc. This is probably the first such learning tool that supports both exam sim and the labsim.

About Comptia Network+(R) Certification: Comptia Network+ cert is among the most popular certifications in the area of computer networking for small and medium organizations. It tests the candidate in the area of TCP/IP protocol fundamentals, IPv4 and IPv6 protocols, networking architectures such as Ethernet, networking protocols, configuring small and medium networks, implementation, network security, and troubleshooting. It is one of the most comprehensive certifications in the chosen area and among the most sought after certs by computer technicians and engineers. Other certs offered by Comptia include A+(R), Security+(R), Linux+(R), etc.

About CertExams.com: Certexams.com offers practice tests and network simulators for many IT certifications such as CCNA, CCENT, CCENP, Juniper JNCIA, Comptia A+, Network+, and others. Please check out the website for complete range of exam simulators and network simulators that are available.

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