$9.80   (Please note that the price is for one lab credit. Each credit will have 5 hours of lab time. Multiple credits may be purchased.)

Router Lab Racks - FAQ

User Guide      FAQ

1. What hardware/software is required from our side?

All you need is a computer with Internet connection. Also, a terminal emulator such as TeraTerm (available free)

2. Do you provide any lab manual for working out using the lab setup?

Yes, we provide a lab manual for practice. You can practice the labs provided in the workbook as well as practice your own labs. Checkout the demo manual. Full version will be made available before lab access.

3. I have purchased rack time, now what?

Once rack time is purchased, we provide you with a log-in and password for time slot reservation. You need to log-in to our reservation scheduling site, and book any available time slot. You need to log-in to the lab rack at specified time & date.

4. Is it a fixed configuration network or you provide custom hardware configuration?

The lab rack is fixed configuration hardware. It is recommended that you develop your labs by keeping in mind the configuration provided in the rack. See figure for the existing configuration.

5. What happens if the we lose connectivity to the rack due to mis-configuration?

We offer limited phone support. You can give us a call, and we can restart the lab rack. This will take about 15 minutes and the time is counted against your reserved time. When you are configuring a lab, it is possible that you lose track of your configuration due to mis-configuration of IP address, subnet mask, vlan, etc. In such event, it is recommended to restart the device (router/switch) so that a known configuration (start-up configuration) is applied to the device.

6. What time zone is implemented in slot booking and in rack rental?

All our equipment is configured to EST with summer time saving.

7. Can I save the configuration at the end of the lab?

At present, we are not providing backup for your configuration. You need to save it in your laptop by using copy and paste of show run command. After each reboot, the lab will go to its initial configuration, and all changes done will be lost.

8. I'm working on CCNA Voice. Can this rack be used for this purpose?

No. The lab racks currently available for only CCENT, CCNA R&S, and CCNA Security. Please email us if you need lab rack for CCNA Voice or any other cert. We will let you know when it's made available.

9. Can I have a custom lab so I can practice with different makes and models of routers?

No, at this point of time only fixed configuration networks are available.

10. Do I get a refund if i'm not able to log-in and use the lab rack?

If you are unable to log-in due to technical problems, we try to resolve and provide alternative time slot. If any convenient time slot is not available, we refund the order.

11. Some of the commands that are needed found to be not supported. What to do?

All commands are not available to users to ensure that the setup is available even after reboot and that the connection is not lost. However, if you think that any specific commands are required for completing a custom lab, please email us your custom lab workout. We will try to accommodate the same within our lab environment.

12. What kind of support do you provide?

We are available 24X7 for help. Please note that the support is limited to problems such as inability to log-in, etc. For advanced configuration and commands help, please email us at cs[at]swregn.com.
Phone: +91-xxxxxxxxxx

13. Can I schedule more than one time slot?

You will be able schedule time slots depending on the credits purchased. Each credit will enable you to reserve one time slot. You can schedule one or more time slots at the same time.

14. How long it takes before I can practice once I purchase one or more lab credits?

It takes at least one business day before the lab is scheduled. It also depends on the availability of time slot. If you need urgent access, please email us before buying lab credits.

15. I'm not working towards any certification. However, I'm interested in learning networking using routers and switches. Can I use the labs for this purpose?

Yes, the labs are very useful for general purpose learning. We provide a work book to get you started. No prior experience is required, but for some domain knowledge.

16. Can I use the labs for class room learning and demonstration purpose?

Yes, the labs are a very useful tool for class room learning and demonstration. All you need is a laptop with Internet access. Note that you are accessing physical lab equipment and not a virtual environment.

17. Can I re-schedule a lab to a different time and date?

Yes, but it depends on the availability of time slot. You can do it before 48 hours from the start of the time slot.

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