Computer Based Test Software

The Computer Based Test Software combines the CBT Author and CBT Exam Engine modules to create centralized question database which can be populated and edited by various Authors. CBT Exam Engine can be used by candiates to login and take exams.

Important features of the Computer Based Test Software

Register as an admin and Create any number of Authors and exams

Centralized database allows multiple authors to popluate a single database.

Create any number of candidates and groups/classes.

Set Exam Configurations parameters

Import bulk questions from excel file.

Configure the application to use your own server database.

Supported Question Types

  • Multiple choice single answer (MCQA) [In plain text, HTML, PDF format]

  • Multiple choice Multi Answer (MCMA) [In plain text, HTML, PDF format]

Configurable exam options

  • Random or sequential : Instructor can select if questions present in the DB should be presented to candidate in sequential or random order. Feature for randomizing of answer options for each question is also available.

  • Exam Time : Instructor can set the Time allowed to the candidate for completing the exam

  • Question Bookmaking : Instructor can allow/deny bookmaking of the questions. Bookmarked questions cab be viewed separately during the exam. Candidate can also view ONLY bookmarked questions after the exam.

  • Read modes (Day/Night modes): Exam screen display setting can be changed between Day Mode (black text on white background) and Night Mode (white text on black background) to help you read according to your convenience.

Score Calculation : At end of each exam (learn and exam) modes candidate is given a score calculation based on the total number of questions present in exam and number of correctly answered questions in that exam

Categorywise Scoring : At end of the exam grade screen shows score obtained in each of the category from which exam had questions.

Time Analysis : While reviewing the questions after exam has ended, time taken for each of the question is displayed.

Export exam questions along with answers selected,correct answers and explananton to a pdf file for later reviewing.

Please contact sales[at] for academic pricing for bulk licenses.

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