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CertExams.com's Cert-Ex™ CCST Networking Exam Simulator is the world's most advanced Exam Simulator, includes simlets, testlets, and simulation questions for thorough preparation. The scenario questions are difficult to answer, and prepare the candidate to take the actual exam and pass the first time! Please download Demo exam for sample questions.

Cert-Ex™ Practice Test for CCST Networking Features

Exam Name

Cisco Certified Support Technician (CCST) Networking

Product Name

Cert-Ex™ Exam Simulator for CCST Networking

Number of questions in CertExams Simulator

250+ questions are available with Certexams.com Cert-Ex™ Exam Simulator for CCST Networking.

Question types available

  • Multiple choice

  • Simlet

  • Testlet

  • Router Simulation

  • Drag and Drop

CCST Networking Exam Highlights*:

Number of questions

Actual Certification Exam will have approx 45 Questions

Time allowed

50 minutes

Passing score


Exam Format

Form based

Register for exam at

Prometric VUE

Exam objectives

Click here for official web site.

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About CCST Networking Exam

The CCST Networking exam, also known as the Cisco Certified Support Technician Networking certification exam, assesses an individual's understanding of fundamental networking concepts. It validates your foundational knowledge of how networks operate, including the devices, software, and protocols that make network communication possible.

Given below are the broad topics covered in the CCST Networking exam:

Networking Building Blocks: You'll learn about the OSI model and TCP/IP model, which are the cornerstones of network communication. You'll also explore different network types (LAN, WAN, MAN) and the essential network devices like routers, switches, and firewalls.

IP Addressing and Subnetting: This section dives into IP addresses, subnet masks, and subnetting techniques. These are crucial skills for configuring and troubleshooting networks.

Network Components: The exam will test your understanding of various network endpoints (PCs, laptops, servers) and the different media used for connectivity (copper cables, fiber optics, wireless).

Network Infrastructure: You'll gain knowledge about network infrastructure components like routers, switches, firewalls, and cabling systems.

Troubleshooting: The exam emphasizes the ability to identify and diagnose common network problems, a key skill for IT support technicians.

Network Security Fundamentals: You'll be introduced to basic network security concepts like access control lists (ACLs) and best practices for securing networks.

Passing the CCST Networking exam demonstrates your grasp of these essential networking principles and prepares you for entry-level IT support roles. It can also serve as a springboard for pursuing more advanced Cisco certifications like the CCNA (Cisco Certified Network Associate).

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* It is recommended that you verify with the official Web site for current and exact information.

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