$9.80   (Please note that the price is for one lab credit. Each credit will have 5 hours of lab time. Multiple credits may be purchased.)

Physical Networking Labs

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CertExams.com Networking Labs (Physical Equipment) Access: We are providing physical lab access to candidates preparing for Cisco CCNA/CCNP exams at very affordable price. The lab consists of the following equipment:


CCNA Security:

lab image 1

How it works: The lab rack will have initial start-up configuration to get you going providing access to all the routers and switches.

Lab Manual: We are providing a lab manual for practice, which is very useful in getting started with lab scenarios. The lab manual provides detailed instructions on how to go about your lab. Demo copy of the lab manuals (CCNA lab Manual & CCENT lab Manual) are available . In spite of our thorough testing of lab manual, it is possible that some functionality is not as per expectation. Please email us in case of any difficulty in practicing a lab.

Lab Diagram: Default network diagram is provided here. The IP addressing scheme, devices, and wiring may change from time to time. However, you will be provided with the current version of the lab diagram before taking the labs.

lab image 2

You need to buy lab credits using the "Buy" link provided on this page. Each lab credit earns 5 hours of lab time. If you buy for example 3 lab credits, you will get 15 hours of lab time scheduled according to your convenience in 3 time slots of 5 hours each.

The labs are particularly oriented towards Cisco CCENT, ICND2, and CCNA certification exams. Please see terms and conditions below for more details.

Recommended number of lab credits:

Advantages of physical labs:

1. You don't have to buy the physical equipment

2. No need for buying cables, connectors, etc. You can concentrate on learning and practicing.

3. No need to worry about equipment failures, and replacements.

4. No electricity bills other than the desktop/laptop

5. No configuring the environment, downloads, and installations as with other tools like GNS. You just need a telnet client (Windows MS Dos usually supports telnet). If your MS Dos natively doesn't support, download teraterm software (freeware) so you can telnet to the labs.

6. Book lab slot as per your convenience

Lab Diagram and list of labs

Terms and conditions:

1. Certexams.com is providing the physical lab access with no guarantee on the performance and/or availability. It depends on several factors, including the network connectivity, equipment reliability, etc.
2. The amount paid may be refunded in the event of inability to use the lab resource due to technical reasons.
3. For any reason, if you are not able access the physical labs, you may email us for rescheduling the lab.
4. Custom labs: At present, we are not providing any custom configurations. Please email us if you are interested in custom configured labs.
5. Some commands such as "write memory", "erase", etc. have been disabled. This has been done to ensure that the equipment doesn't become in-accessible, causing service disruption.
6. For further information or suggestions, please email us at cs [@] certexams.com.

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