General FAQ

1.I am not able to register or log in to the members area. What is the problem?

Make sure that you have the browser set to accept cookies. If not, you may have problems with logging in to the members area.

2.I have problem with the activation of the account. What to do?

You need to enter the correct email id while registering. If the email id is incorrect, you will not be able to activate the account. For any technical assistance, please email support[at]

3.How long is the subscription valid?

The subscription period is valid for one year. In case of paid subscription, it is valid for one year from the date of registration. 

4.I have paid for your subscription. However, now I want a refund, do you offer refunds?

Demo practice tests are provided for each exam. Members are requested to go through the demo exams before buying full membership. For further information, please email support[at]

5.I have some technical problem with my subscription. Whom to contact?

Please email support[at] for any technical assistance.

6.Which browsers are supported for taking online tests?

Currently,the online exams are tested with Internet Explorer 5.5 and above.

7. I have subscribed for one of your practice exams. I am able to log in from only one computer at a given time. Can I log in from two or more computers simultaneously?

Members will be able to log in to their account only from one computer at any given time. Multiple simultaneous log ins require multiple licenses. Please email sales[at] if you require multiple log-ins. 

8.Is there any software to download and install for taking your online exams?

No. There is no software to download to take online exams. You only need Internet access and a compatible browser (IE 5.5 or above).

9.Do you offer certification after writing an exam? offers preparation exams which help you prepare for certification exams. We do not offer certification exams. To write one, please contact Prometric or VUE. 

10. How do I take a practice exam?

If you already have an account with us, please login using your login and password. If you are new to, go to the Register screen to sign up for an account. Registration is absolutely free and you're under no obligation to buy anything. 

11. How do I buy an exam (subscription to an exam)?

You can buy an online exam by choosing appropriate exam from the list of available practice exams. 

12. Now I have bought (subscribed) an exam. How do I activate?

The activation of full version of any exam is automatic. You only need to log in and choose "Activate Exam" hyperlink against the exam that you had purchased. Enter the serial number and accept the terms of the license agreement. Now you are ready to avail full version of the practice exams.

13.How many questions are available for each set of practice exams?

It defers from exam to exam. Normally, there will be 180+ questions for each set of practice exams. For example, if you had purchased A+ Core practice exams, there will be typically 3 tests and a total of 200+ questions.

14.I have done several IT certifications myself. Is it possible to contribute my expertise?

Please write to sales[at] specifying the certifications that you had achieved, and the area of interest. We will certainly interested in exploring the possibilities of contributions.

15.Do you offer corporate or bulk discounts?

Yes, please write to sales[at] for details.

16. Do you offer class room training?

No, we are not offering class room training. We only offer online learning tools.

For any questions not answered above, please email support[at]

17. How do I re-activate the software in case of computer crash/update/moving to newer one?

Disparate of the Publisher, license is re-issued only on request, to re-active the software in case of computer crash/update/moving to newer one. Please contact support[at]

18. I have installed the software on my work computer, but I want to use the software on my home computer during off-hours also. How do I request for an additional license?

Additional license is offered for individual buyers for home/laptop use on request. Please contact support[at]

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