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A+ Certification : 220-1001

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Cleaning of PC components – tools used:

Recommended cleaning procedures for various components are as below:

IsoPropyl Alcohol is recommended for cleaning PCAs such as motherboards. Mild detergent can be used for cleaning the outside cabinet or the keyboard.

The following devices require periodic cleaning:

Tools - Screw driver types:


Terminate and Stay Resident programs, as the name suggest, stay inactive in the memory area of the computer. An example of a TSR is Screen saver program. To view, which programs are consuming how much memory area, MEM command can be issued with switch "C".

If you notice that the time is constantly incorrect, even after adjusting correctly, the most likely cause is that the CMOS battery has become weak and need to be replaced.

Batteries, and chemical solvents contain environmentally hazardous chemicals and therefore, should not be disposed through dustbin. Always refer to the manufacturer's instructions or the relevant State guidelines.

Power On Self Test (POST) happens after the computer cold boots.

A computer may reboot because the CPU is overheating. Ensure that you have sufficient ventilation for proper airflow, and that the CPU fan is working.

The Hibernate option in Windows computer saves an image of your desktop, including all open windows and files. Then it powers down your computer just as if you had turned it off. When you turn your computer on again, your windows and files are open just as you left them. You can enable hibernate on a Windows computer by right clicking on the Desktop, the then selecting Properties.

The automatic restart option in Windows XP is enabled by default. As a result, if there is any major error, the Operating System will automatically restart. This can be disabled using System applet in the Control Panel.

Running a command like “ping” or “ipconfig” using Start -> Run, will open the command screen. However, the command screen closes soon after the execution of the command. If you intend to observe the results of any such command, you need to open the DOS screen by going to Program Files | Accessories | Command Prompt

It is recommended to close any open slots on a computer cabinet (case) to ensure proper airflow inside the case.

The file ntbtlog.txt file contains information collected if you choose to boot using “Boot Logging” startup option. The file shows which drivers are loaded and which have failed to load.

Riser card typically holds multiple IO cards.

When you observe any hardware damage with a PC, first turn-off and unplug the unit. Then the appropriate action would be to refer to the manufacturer’s documentation or website for warranty or maintenance information.


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