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A+ Certification : 220-1001

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40. One good way of determining a bad power supply is that the fan will not rotate. Also, the computer will not boot and the LED s indicating the speed will be OFF.

41. Terminate and Stay Resident programs, as the name suggest, stay inactive in the memory area of the computer. An example of a TSR is Screen saver program. To view, which programs are consuming how much memory area, MEM command can be issued with switch "C".

42. If you notice that the time is constantly incorrect, even after adjusting correctly, the most likely cause is that the CMOS battery has become weak and need to be replaced.

43. When you have two hard disk drives, the following two combinations are possible:

44. Cleaning of PC components – tools used:

Recommended cleaning procedures for various components are as below:

IsoPropyl Alcohol is recommended for cleaning PCAs such as motherboards. Mild detergent can be used for cleaning the outside cabinet or the keyboard.

45. Laptop computers:

46. Handheld PCs are also referred to as Personal Digital Assistants (PDAs).

47. Batteries, and chemical solvents contain environmentally hazardous chemicals and therefore, should not be disposed through dustbin. Always refer to the manufacturer's instructions or the relevant State guidelines.

48. Given below are important bus types and their characteristics:

Bus Type

Data bus width








Use jumpers to configure





Backward compatible with ISA, uses software/ jumpers for configuration

VESA or VL bus




Backward compatible with ISA cards





Supports Plug and Play

64-bit PCI




Supports Plug and Play




Used in laptops, also know as PC card



Speed of Processor

Used in video cards

49. Printers and cables:

50. Ethernet:

51. Token Ring supports 4 Mbps and 16 Mbps speeds.

52. NIC, Network Interface Card is the one that interfaces your PC to the LAN. NIC sits in your PC on one of the slot available on the motherboard.

53. Ultra IDE cable has 80 wires, and handles better speeds compared to IDE cable with 40 wires. The additional wires are introduced to reduce noise and thereby improving speed.

54. When signals are transmitted over long distance, there will be ohmic losses, which result in loosing the strength of the signals. This is known as attenuation. Amplification is opposite of attenuation.

55. Asynchronous serial communication uses Start bit/Data bits/Stop bit. A modem connecting to the Internet is a typical asynchronous device. Synchronous communication uses clock signals to transfer information. Does not use start/stop bits. Synchronous communication is normally used for high speed data transfers.

56. USB:

Also, USB devices can be plugged in without turning on/off power. I.e. USB devices are hot swappable.

57. A floppy cable will have 34 wires, and the wire with red stripe signifies wire going to pin number 1 of the connector.

58. The Slot 1 package replaces the Socket 7 and Socket 8 used by previous Pentium processors. Slot 1 is a 242-contact daughtercard slot that accepts a microprocessor packaged as a Single Edge Contact (SEC) cartridge. A motherboard can have one or two Slot 1s. More recently, Slot 2 package has been developed and used by recent processors.

59. The following are major characteristics of a floppy drive:

60. TCP/IP is the medium of transport when your are accessing the Internet.

61. ISDN: ISDN BRI (Basic Rate Interface) will have two B channels, each can carry data up to 64Kbps, aggregating to 128 Kbps.

62. ATX power supply provides three different voltages: 3.3Volts, 5Volts, and 12Volts.

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