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A+ Depot Tech Exam Sim

A+™ Depot Technician Online Exams

Compulsory Exam: You need to pass A+ Essentials for achieving A+ certification plus any one of the electives.

Optional Exams: You need to pass any one of the following three available options to achieve A+ Certification.

1. A+ IT Technician

2. A+ Remote Support Technician

3. A+ Depot Technician

CompTIA® A+™ Depot Technician online Practice Exam (220-604) Details 

Practice Test Cert A+ Depot Technician Practice Exams
Exam Objectives Covered 1.0 Personal Computer Components 45% 2.0 Laptop and Portable Devices 20% 3.0 Printers and Scanners 20% 4.0 Security 5% 5.0 Safety and Environmental Issues 10%
Number of questions in the practice test 250+ questions.

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Exam Title : A+ Depot Technician  practice Tests

Exam Mode : Online

Total Number of Questions : 250+questions

Price : $25.95

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