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The Cert-Ex™ Exam Simulator for A+ Core 1 is demo download and will have limited number of questions to practice. The full version will have 300+ questions, with each question carrying explanation. Support is provided up to one year and any updates during this period will be offered free of cost. The full version may be unlocked using the demo version after the purchase of the test simulator using program interface automatically. For detailed instructions, please visit Activation Procedure web page provided above.

About the Test Engine: The test engine provided by CertExams.com is one of the most up to date and advanced versions of its class. It provides an integrated platform for checking updates, downloading, and installing the same. Additionally, available practice tests from CertExams.com are also provided for ready reference.

Practice exam Screenshots:

certexams Integrated Test Engine

Integrated Test Environment

a+ core 1 practice test MCMA question type screen

Multiple choice multiple answer

a+ core 1 exam sim flash card screen

Flash card

a+ core 1 drag and drop question type

Drag and Drop question

a+ core 1 review exam screen

Review exam

A+ 220-1001 exam Grade screen

Grade screen

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