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Cert-Ex™ Cheatsheets for CCENT are provided free with every purchase of CCENT Exam Simulator or Network Simulator.

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The CertExams simulators are offered in two modes. A. Online version, and b. Downloadable version. In the online version, a user need to take the tests online after logging in to the website (Internet connectivity is required). In the download version, a user may download the examsim, and take the test on his/her desktop computer.

"I have been using the Wendell Odom/Pearson IT Practice exams so I was shocked how different the exam was using simlets and testlets. I think your exam simulator is excellent and I am very pleased with it and the price was good value too. The cheat sheet is very good too" - Richard H

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Exam Name

CCENT (Cisco Certified Entry Network Technician)

Number of questions

45-55 (Actual Certification Exam)
250+ questions will be available with CertExams.com exam simulator.

Time allowed

90 minutes

Passing score


Exam Format

Form based

Register for exam at

VUE   Prometric

Exam objectives

Click here for official web site.

Other details

Skills required for the CCNA exam: "Install, configure and operate simple routed LAN, routed WAN and switched LAN networks."

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