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The exam simulator offers features that are hard to find any exam simulator offered by other vendors. The features like Simlets, and Router Simulations are offered only by CertExams Exam Sim. 

Important features supported by the Exam Sim are given below:

  • Learn mode - In this mode one can see the Flash cards, and correct/wrong answers. 
  • Exam mode - Here the candidate will be presented with a scenario that is close to the actual exam environment.
  • Flash Cards - These will present a detailed explanation of the topic covered in the question. Candidates should ensure that they read Flash cards unless they are very familiar with the topic.
  • Question Feedback: A candidate may provide a feedback to us by using the exam interface. The feature is very handy for getting clarified about any ambiguous answer or sending feedback on any specific question
  • Score reports with category wise scoring: The simulator provides detailed score reports which can be saved for later review. One will also be able to take a test solely based on wrong answers, or bookmarked questions.
  • Configuration: One will be able to configure the test, if required. The customization options include randomization of questions/answers, selecting number of questions for a given test, enable or disable Previous or Review buttons, linear/adaptive scoring, etc.
  • Product Update: The software provides interface to check for any updates at the click of a button.
  • Activation of Full version: Once a product is purchased, the full version may be activated online using program interface immediately after placing the order. The activation is automatic and requires minimal input.
  • Integrated Test Environment: Candidates can view the available practice tests from the parent frame, download the tests that are required, install, buy, and activate the tests without leaving the program environment.

Question Types Supported by the Exam Simulators:

  • Multiple choice single answer, Multiple choice multi-answer, True/False
  • Exhibit based questions
  • Hot-spot questions
  • Drag-n-drop questions
  • Testlet questions - Two or more questions are asked based on a scenario
  • Simlet questions - Two or more questions are asked based on a scenario, where the candidate is asked to type commands (such as show commands for CCNA), and learn configuration details
  • Router Simulation questions - Here the candidate is provided with a scenario, and asked to fix the problem. The interface simulates that of a Cisco IOS (for CCNA/CCENT/CCNP) or a JUNOS (for Juniper tests).


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