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Technical FAQ

Question : I am getting ‘Activation Key Error’ on online and manual activation. Screenshots are given below


1.First make sure you have entered correct issued ‘Activation Key’.
2.If the issued key is not able to activate the product then your locale language might be 
among one not supported by the software. 
To activate the product you can change your locale language to English by following 
the steps given below

Change the System Locale for Windows XP
Note: You must be logged in with an account that has Administrative Privileges. 
1. Click Start > Control Panel.
2. Double-click the Regional and Language Options icon. 
The Regional and Language Options dialog box appears.
3. Click the Advanced tab. 
(If there is no Advanced tab, then you are not logged in with administrative privileges.)
4. Under the Language for non-Unicode programs section, select the desired language from the drop down menu.

5. Click OK. 
The system displays a dialog box asking whether to use existing files or to install from the operating system CD. Ensure that you have the CD ready.
6. Follow the guided instructions to install the files.
7. Restart the computer after the installation is complete.

For Windows Vista and Windows 7:

1.Navigate to Control Panel -> Region and Language 

2. Clicking on the Region and Language link, would display the Region and Language dialog as shown below. 

3. Change System locale option will be available under the Administrative tab and on clicking the button, the following locale selection dialog box would be displayed.

set the locale language to English

4.Restart the computer now.


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